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Oct 16,2020: Applying for an Internal Posting with CUPE 520 at CCSD

It is critically important when you are applying for an internal posting within the District that you apply WITHIN the eRecruit system. If you apply through the publicly accessible Careers Portal, no one will even look at your application unless there are ZERO internal applicants.

The “We have received your application” email response is an automatically generated computer response to your application. It DOES NOT move your application to the Internal Application Portal.

“How to apply” documents were emailed to all Caretaking staff early in 2019 via the District’s email system. These documents are also available in the Members section of this website.

Please pay close attention to the statement on the final page of the “How to View and Apply…” document:

  • THE EXTERNAL DISTRICT CAREERS SITE: All job postings are also posted on an external Careers site, found on the district’s internet website, for access by the general public. You may view job postings on this site as well, but as a current employee you must apply for the job posting through eRecruit.

The precedent has been set since mid-2019. After the competition has closed, the District will not reconsider those who have applied incorrectly, not only for CUPE but UNIFOR & exempt positions, as well.

If you have an issue getting into the eRecruit system, contact your Supervisor or HR immediately. Once the competition closes, it’s too late.