News Archive – District Misc Info


Oct 18,2021: District Faith Days 2021

Due to ongoing COVID restrictions, the District is once again hosting its Faith Day events in the schools. Details for participation & other options were sent from Caretaking Services to your District email account this afternoon.


July 26,2021: Christmas 2021

The District has announced that Monday Dec 27 & Tuesday Dec 28 will be days off in lieu of Christmas Day & Boxing Day, both of which fall on the weekend. Monday Jan 3 will also be a day off in lieu of New Year’s Day, as it falls on a Saturday.

Pursuant to Article 15.1 of our CA, Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve will be half-days, as both fall on a normal working days.


June 01,2021: District Caretaking Summer Work Schedule

The District’s Caretaking summer work schedule was sent out via District email to all Local 520 Members on Tuesday May 25 & a corrected one on June 1 (minor typo). Please check your District email inbox for details.


April 21,2021: Replacing a Co-Worker at a Higher Paygrade

A reminder that if you replace a co-worker who holds a position with a higher paygrade than you, after 3 consecutive full shifts you are entitled to “Substitution in Higher Wage Category” for the entirety of the time you work in the temporary position, under Clause 20.2 of our Collective Agreement.

In order that we all follow the same  procedures, it is a recommended “best practice” for you to remind your Supervisor via email of your entitlement to this bump in pay for services provided. It is also best to cc the Manager of Caretaking Services in on your email, as it is ultimately his approval that is needed to move the payment forward.

This also provides your Union with a paper trail if something goes askew.

If we all follow the same procedures with reasonable consistency, it is less likely for someone to “fall through the cracks”.

Know your rights.

Read your Collective Agreement.

It is available in both the Resources & Members section of this website.


Feb01,2021: Online First Aid training

We’re being told that the online portion of the District’s first aid training can take upwards of 2 & a half hours. If you are scheduled to attend the in-person first aid training this month, do not wait until the last minute to complete the online component. Also, do it at work & NOT during your breaks. This is employer required & based training that should not be done on your personal time.

You can easily exit the program & return to the same spot later. The entire course DOES NOT need to be completed in a single sitting.

It has also been shared that “…at the end of the online portion you are asked to PRINT A TICKET (certificate) AND PRESENT IT AT THE SKILLS SESSION”.

Spread the word.


Jan 13,2021: December 22nd heavy snowfall

Questions have come forward about December’s heavy snowfall & observations made to the effect of “had school been in session, the District would’ve likely declared a snow day”.

To be clear, no.

The District does not close Calgary schools due to snow & hasn’t for at least the past 15 years. On occasion, some rural schools in the District have closed in the past due to rural bussing issues…but in city schools have always remained open.

If you have difficulty getting to work, it is your responsibility to deal with the absence ON THAT DAY either online or by contacting your supervisor or Caretaking Services.

Although we can appreciate individual circumstances, if you cannot be at work & expect to be paid, you need to book off the time SOMEHOW. It is not fair to the vast majority of workers who did make it to work for some to expect a “free” day off, for some reason.

Again, this needs to be dealt with immediately after the absence. There are very limited options available when it is brought forward weeks later.


Jan 09,2021: Position Profiles

The District, in accordance with the Collective Agreement, has created position profiles for all CUPE positions. To view the position profiles, go to HR on the ASK portal and type “CUPE Position Profiles”.


Dec 10,2020: Microsoft Teams meetings at work

Many meetings within the district are now being held online.

Once you have agreed to attend a meeting to which you’ve been invited, it will be automatically entered into your Teams Calendar.

To find it or to join the meeting, do the following:
  • sign into your account on the CCSD webpage using the “user” person shaped icon in the top right corner
  • click on the “waffle” beside the sign in icon
  • go to Office 365
  • click on “Teams” icon on lower left side
  • should take you to calendar
  • upper left corner to adjust the week
  • once you’re in the week you want you may have to scroll down to find your meeting
  • click “JOIN” on meeting day


Oct 28,2020: CCSD Faith Day(s)

Thursday & Friday this week are District Faith Days (Oct 29 & 30)

CUPE Local 520 Members, alongside the entire District’s Staff, are encouraged to participate in District wide Faith Day Activities at your worksite during the day shift on Thursday, as our usual practice of meeting together at a single location has been adjusted due to COVID-19 protocols.

Friday is a normal working day for all CUPE Local 520 Members. Please report to your normal worksite for your normal shift & duties.