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Nov 12,2021: LAPP Retirement Webinar



Oct 27,2021: Changes to LAPP Early Retirement

There have been changes to our pension provider’s regulations that disallow for the type of early retirement packages we have seen in recent years. As such, it is unlikely that the District will offer it until such time that LAPP again alters their regulations.


Apr 11,2021: Upcoming Retirement Sessions for Members



Mar 01,2021: Are you nearing retirement?

Just up on the District’s ASK portal:

LAPP members who are nearing retirement can book a one-on-one session with an Information Specialist from Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS).

One-on-one sessions can be booked online.  Simply log into Your Pension Profile to book your session from the listing of available dates and times.

Before the session, you should log into Your Pension Profile and use the Pension Projection Calculator to produce a pension estimate with a LAPP pension commencement date that you would like to discuss.

One-on-one sessions are conveniently held over a dedicated phone consultation or a virtual meeting using Microsoft Teams.

Sessions are 30-minutes long and available dates and times are listed in the booking calendar found in Your Pension Profile.

A virtual meeting invite will be sent to your email once the session is confirmed.

Please note:  LAPP does not offer any financial planning or advice, or information related to Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, or your other benefits.


If you require assistance or have any questions, please call 1-877-649-5277 (Monday to Friday except Thursday: 8:15 am to 4:00 pm; Thursday: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm) or by email at


Feb 24,2021: Health Benefits available to Retirees through ARTA

Health, dental, & prescription drug insurance is available to retired Members of CUPE 520 through ARTA (Alberta Retired Teachers Association) with yearly Membership dues & monthly premiums. A copy of the current ARTA Retiree Benefits Plan Summary is available in both the Resources & Members sections.


Feb 05,2021: New LAPP Member Handbook (Pension)

You can find the 2021 version of the LAPP Member Handbook in both the Members & Resources sections.


Jan 13,2021: Blue Cross Personal Health Spending Account

The District announced today that each CUPE 520 Member’s PHSA has been credited for the 2021 allotment, with coverage effective January 1, 2021.

Visit the Resources section for the link to the Alberta Blue Cross website.


Nov 1,2020: Important Change to LAPP pension effective January 01,2021

For those Members about to retire, there has been an important change to LAPP’s Coordination Benefit that will take effect January 01,2021. Please see the link in the Members section if you believe this may apply to you.


Oct 16,2020: Vacation pay for CCSD casual employees

The District is moving to a pay-as-you-go model for paying out vacation pay to casual & seasonal CUPE Members. All vacation pay earned from May 10 to Oct 24, 2020 will be included on the pay of October 30. Thereafter, vacation pay will be paid on a regular bi-weekly basis, commencing with the pay on November 13.


Sep 21,2020: District Travel Allowance

CCSD’s travel allowance for approved personal vehicle mileage (training, working at more than 1 location, etc) has increased by 1.5 cents/km effective retroactively to Sept 1, 2020. Those of you that receive travel allowance on a regular basis should see this increase on your next reimbursement cheque in October.