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Nov 26,2020: Children’s Christmas Gift distribution

Merry Christmas!

The CUPE Local 520 Annual Children’s Christmas Gift distribution for pre-registered Members will happen on…

Saturday December 5, 9am until 1pm,1439-9 Ave SE.

Weather permitting, we may be able to have a drive-thru distribution at the parking lot entrance.

Otherwise, it will be a pickup & go event in respect of COVID-19 protocols.

We wish we could all socialize & celebrate but that just isn’t possible this year.

Please do not arrive before 9am.

Please be mindful that we will not be able to accommodate a large rush in the last hour.

Any gifts remaining after 1pm will be donated to charity, as is our tradition following each Christmas Party.


Nov 14,2020: Children’s Christmas Gifts

Santa has given our list to his elves, fired up the Local 520 assembly line, & scheduled our delivery for this year!

Gift pick up will be SATURDAY DEC 5 FROM 9AM UNTIL NOON at the Union Office.

Gifts that cannot be picked up that day will be donated to charity.



Nov 6,2020: Santa fires up the Local 520 assembly line at midnight!

Today is the LAST CHANCE to register for the Children’s Christmas Gift 2020.

Download your copy of the registration form from the Members section & submit it today!


Nov 1,2020: Children’s Christmas Gifts

Santa needs time to ensure that he & his elves can get together gifts for all the children!

Remember…it’s their busy season!

Only 5 days remain before the deadline to register on Friday November 6. Download your copy of the registration form from the Members section & follow the instructions for sending it in.


Oct 25,2020: Children’s Christmas Gift Registration

Santa is still waiting to hear from you!

Only 12 days remain to register for this year’s Children’s Christmas Gifts!

Get your copy of the registration form in the Members section & submit it ASAP.

The deadline for registrations to be submitted is FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6.


Oct 16,2020: Children’s Christmas Gift Registration

A reminder that the deadline to register for the Children’s Christmas Gift for 2020 is exactly 3 weeks away, on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 6. Download the registration form from the Members section & follow the instructions to send it in.

Santa is waiting to hear from you!


Sept 23,2020: Children’s Christmas Gifts 2020

In recognition of ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, the Local has decided to cancel the Annual Children’s Christmas Party for this year.

Santa has informed us, however, that presents for the children will still be available at the Union Hall early in December. Unfortunately, even Santa cannot stay this year…but you will be able to pick up a gift to help celebrate the season as long as you pre-register before Friday November 6.

Registration forms are available in the Members section & will be distributed via your District email early in October, along with our Next Meeting Notice & an updated Local 520 Executive Contact List.