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***IMPORTANT REQUEST***Custodial Staff relief during COVID-19***

As you all know, custodial resources have been stretched thin in 2020. Along with all the usual absences for sickness, injury, disability, training, & vacation, we have had to work with fewer people due to absences created by legal requirements of COVID-19 health protocols. Going into the new year, CUPE 520 will be attempting to track the frequency at which our regular Caretakers & Cleaners are not replaced with Relief Staff for their assigned shift.

Caretakers, if a member of the custodial staff is not replaced at your worksite, please email the details (Caretaker or Cleaner, date, day or evening shift, number of hours) to so that we can create a broader view of the issue.

As you may know, high schools operate on a modified Staffing Formula to ensure a ready supply of a few extra Cleaners in each quadrant of the city. That being said, high school Head Caretakers should also send in their own observations so that the Union can calculate any patterns of discrepancies that may appear excessive.

Although students will not yet have returned to school, please begin forwarding your observations on Monday January 4,2021 so that we can begin to identify any noticeable patterns.

Please supply only the requested information for dates moving forward. Additional commentary or history of past instances will not be helpful, as we are endeavoring to identify patterns present in the new year.



Our Meetings during COVID-19 are classified as BUSINESS…

…&, as such, are limited to 50 people by law. Our Hall can easily accommodate our normal expected turnout with social distancing, masks, & sanitization. Regular Meetings will continue unless further COVID restrictions render them infeasible.

To be clear, “business meetings” are NOT “social events”.

See the Homepage of this website for all meeting details.



FLASHBACK 1998…Where We’ve Been

Local 520 Members frequently bring new items to our attention. More senior Members also frequently remind us of our history. Take a little time to review this pertinent & important part of where we’ve been.

Calgary Catholic School Strike January to March 1998



Custodian makes the news amid COVID-19 pandemic

BC K-12 custodian represents frontline workers as Newsmaker of the Year



Jan 23,2021: District Sick Leave Entitlement

Each Local 520 Member should have received the confirmation of their Sick Leave Entitlement accumulated credit as of Jan 02, 2021.

Check your accumulated credit, as errors are not uncommon. If there is a discrepancy between your records & those of the District, contact CCSD HR with any concerns.


Jan 22,2021: CUPE/CCSD Labour Management Meetings

Effective today, you can view the up-to-date summaries of our LMMs in the Members section under Labour Management Meetings.

Items taken to LMM include Members’ concerns brought forward to the Local between each scheduled meeting. LMMs are primarily for issues that involve an alleged infraction under our Collective Agreement but can also be of a more general nature.


Jan 19,2021: Health & Safety Meetings

Effective today, you can view the up-to-date agenda & minutes of CUPE/CCSD H&S Committee meetings, as well as the H&S Committee RMM Reports in the Members section under Health & Safety.

Remember to forward any H&S concerns at your work site to a H&S Committee Member, as directed on our Home Page.


Jan 13,2021: Blue Cross Personal Health Spending Account

The District announced today that each CUPE 520 Member’s PHSA has been credited for the 2021 allotment, with coverage effective January 1, 2021.

Visit the Resources section for the link to the Alberta Blue Cross website.


Jan 13,2021: December 22nd heavy snowfall

Questions have come forward about December’s heavy snowfall & observations made to the effect of “had school been in session, the District would’ve likely declared a snow day”.

To be clear, no.

The District does not close Calgary schools due to snow & hasn’t for at least the past 15 years. On occasion, some rural schools in the District have closed in the past due to rural bussing issues…but in city schools have always remained open.

If you have difficulty getting to work, it is your responsibility to deal with the absence ON THAT DAY either online or by contacting your supervisor or Caretaking Services.

Although we can appreciate individual circumstances, if you cannot be at work & expect to be paid, you need to book off the time SOMEHOW. It is not fair to the vast majority of workers who did make it to work for some to expect a “free” day off, for some reason.

Again, this needs to be dealt with immediately after the absence. There are very limited options available when it is brought forward weeks later.


Jan 09,2021: Position Profiles

The District, in accordance with the Collective Agreement, has created position profiles for all CUPE positions. To view the position profiles, go to HR on the ASK portal and type “CUPE Position Profiles”.


Dec 10,2020: Microsoft Teams meetings at work

Many meetings within the district are now being held online.

Once you have agreed to attend a meeting to which you’ve been invited, it will be automatically entered into your Teams Calendar.

To find it or to join the meeting, do the following:
  • sign into your account on the CCSD webpage using the “user” person shaped icon in the top right corner
  • click on the “waffle” beside the sign in icon
  • go to Office 365
  • click on “Teams” icon on lower left side
  • should take you to calendar
  • upper left corner to adjust the week
  • once you’re in the week you want you may have to scroll down to find your meeting
  • click “JOIN” on meeting day