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***IMPORTANT REQUEST***Custodial Staff relief during COVID-19***

As you all know, custodial resources have been stretched thin in 2020. Along with all the usual absences for sickness, injury, disability, training, & vacation, we have had to work with fewer people due to absences created by legal requirements of COVID-19 health protocols. Going into the new year, CUPE 520 will be attempting to track the frequency at which our regular Caretakers & Cleaners are not replaced with Relief Staff for their assigned shift.

Caretakers, if a member of the custodial staff is not replaced at your worksite, please email the details (Caretaker or Cleaner, date, day or evening shift, number of hours) to so that we can create a broader view of the issue.

As you may know, high schools operate on a modified Staffing Formula to ensure a ready supply of a few extra Cleaners in each quadrant of the city. That being said, high school Head Caretakers should also send in their own observations so that the Union can calculate any patterns of discrepancies that may appear excessive.

Although students will not yet have returned to school, please begin forwarding your observations on Monday January 4,2021 so that we can begin to identify any noticeable patterns.

Please supply only the requested information for dates moving forward. Additional commentary or history of past instances will not be helpful, as we are endeavoring to identify patterns present in the new year.



FLASHBACK 1998…Where We’ve Been

Local 520 Members frequently bring new items to our attention. More senior Members also frequently remind us of our history. Take a little time to review this pertinent & important part of where we’ve been.

Calgary Catholic School Strike January to March 1998



Our Meetings during COVID-19 are classified as BUSINESS

…& as such, are limited to 50 people by law. Our Hall can easily accommodate our normal expected turnout with social distancing, masks, & sanitization. Regular Meetings will continue unless further COVID restrictions render them infeasible.

To be clear, “business meetings” are NOT “social events”.



April 15,2021: CUPE 520 Vice President

Effective April 12, our Vice President, Conrado Carlos, has resigned from his position on the Executive.

We thank Brother Conrado for his time with the Executive.

As we have our Regular Elections coming up in June & the Notice of Election was posted on April 10, we will take nominations at the May & June RMMs to fill this position, which was slated for election this cycle regardless.

Anyone wishing to run for VP must be a Member in good standing, having attended 6 of the last 10 RMMs that have taken place.


April 11,2021: Upcoming Scholarship Application Opportunities for Members

Besides the CUPE Local 520 Scholarship being open for application until August 31 (details in the Members section of this website), there are other scholarships for your consideration as a Member in Good Standing of Local 520.

The CDLC (Calgary District Labour Council) accepts applications until June 1 as below:

CUPE Alberta also has scholarship application opportunities until September 1:


April 11,2021: Upcoming Retirement Sessions for Members

The following sessions & links are accessible on the District’s ASK Portal in the Announcements section under “Individual Benefits Plans for Upcoming Retirees”.

  • Alberta Blue Cross
    Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021
    Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    If you wish to attend this session, please register through PowerSchool Professional Learning.
    Course ID: 33965
    Session ID: 37298
  • ARTA (Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association)
    Please note that this session applies to all staff members from any employee group.
    Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
    Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
    If you wish to attend this session, please register through PowerSchool Professional Learning.
    Course ID: 33965
    Session ID: 37299
  • A meeting link and handouts will be emailed to participants the day prior to these sessions.


April 10,2021: *NOTICE OF ELECTION*

Local 520 Executive Elections will be held on Saturday June 12 during our Monthly Regular Membership Meeting.

Nominations will be accepted during the May RMM & again at the June RMM immediately prior to elections.

Up for election this year are Vice President, Recording Secretary, Warden & one 3 Year Trustee position.

To qualify for Executive positions, you must be a Member in Good Standing & must have attended at least 6 of the past 10 RMMs held. To qualify to run as a Trustee, you must be a Member in Good Standing.


April 9,2021: CUPE National: COVID-19 Vaccines: Frequently Asked Questions


In these difficult times…

…it couldn’t be more important to take a little time & spend it with those closest to you.

Have a Safe, Happy, & Blessed Easter, Everyone!


Mar 30,2021: Executive Meetings moving forward

As L520’s Executive now includes 3 Members who generally work evening shift, the Executive Committee has opted to move away from our traditional Tuesday evening Monthly Executive Meeting, moving it instead to the time immediately prior to any Regular Membership Meeting, beginning in May 2021.

This move will save the Local almost $2500 per year in costs associated with reimbursing the employer for time taken as Union Business (known as “Booking-Off time”). The evening shift Executives also expressed concern with issues revolving around their reduced shift time when attending the Executive Meetings.

This voluntary move by the Executive Committee will solve both issues.


Mar 30,2021: April Meetings

Our monthly Executive Meeting will be Tuesday April 6.

Our monthly Regular Membership Meeting happens on Saturday April 10.

See the Homepage of this website for all meeting details.


Mar 20,2021: Alberta Critical Workers Benefit: Paid

Each of those eligible for payment should have received the Alberta CWB along with your regular pay of Friday March 19. As it was added to your pay for that period, you will likely have paid slightly more in taxes than if it had been a separate payment. That being said, it’s better to pay a little more upfront with the possibility of a future tax credit than to pay too little, only to find yourself owing taxes in the future.


Mar 14:2021: CUPE 520 Retirement Banquet 2021

Sadly, ongoing provincial COVID-19 restrictions have forced the cancellation of our second Retirement Banquet in a row. At the March RMM, the Membership chose a new path for this year, as well as 2020.

As the number of retirees would have likely reached 30 (plus spouses & guests) by next year’s banquet, Local 520 will be sending all retirees from these past 2 years a gift card so that they can celebrate with their significant others, in lieu of the two complimentary banquet tickets they would customarily receive.

For those that retired last year, the cards will be sent out in June by registered mail. Those retiring this school year will receive their cards, watches, & honouraria at the Union Office, also in June. At that time, we will also send the Scholarship Winner her cheque, which is traditionally presented at the banquet.

Of course, all are free to attend any future banquet as paying guests, as is the yearly tradition of many of our past retirees.

It will certainly be a blessing to see everybody together again, once we are able to do so.


Mar 13,2021: Alberta Critical Workers Benefit: UPDATE

When Alberta’s CWB was announced, it contained some exceptions regarding eligible positions within our Union. We have worked closely with Chief Superintendent Bryan Szumlas & the CCSD Board of Trustees to receive clarification on these positions through the Alberta Government.

We, unfortunately, were not 100% successful in our efforts.

The good news is that funding has been secured to cover all Caretakers & Cleaners at St Leo, St Paul, St John Reception Centre, & Central Office. The one Caretaker that works for an hour at St Leo was already eligible by virtue of the 7hrs/day he works at a school location.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get an eligibility exemption for the SBAC warehouse or Maintenance positions.

This Alberta regulated benefit was not available to Admin, Teachers, or a significant percentage of UNIFOR staff. Although we tried to get all our Members into it, our Local has the highest eligibility rate at 98.3% of active Members (those not on LTD).

The final list was submitted to the Alberta Government this past Friday. The program will be paid out upon CCSD’s receipt of final approval from the government. Although the District is hoping to be able to pay it out during this pay cycle (on March 19), it is more likely the final approval will not arrive in time & the payout is more likely to occur on April 2.