News Archive – Staffing Formula


Feb 13,2022: February 2022 Staffing Formula

The latest Staffing Formula is available in the Members Section. It is provided simply as a reference item. As with the entire time of the pandemic, the District continues to implement the February 2020 Formula. Other than minor adjustments for new schools with increasing enrollment or schools shut down/temporary closed, there are no changes to the existing protocols.


Oct 12,2021: October Staffing Formula

The latest Staffing Formula has been released. As during the rest of the pandemic, we are being told by District management that the vast majority of schools will be left with the hours they presently have. There are a very few new schools that have had significant increases in enrollment. There will be minor adjustments made in order to cover the extra hours these schools require.

Although it is highly likely that your school site HAS NOT been & WILL NOT be impacted, the Formula as it could have been enacted is now available in the Members section.


Feb 10,2021: February Staffing Formula

We have received a copy of the February 2021 Staffing Formula. It remains unchanged from the February 2020 Formula. The District has committed to “staying the course” with last February’s staffing allotment to allow for the extra caretaking time involved with meeting COVID-19 pandemic protocols.

February’s Formula will be available soon in the Members section, as soon as it is fully scrutinized.

The next Staffing Formula adjustment won’t occur until October, during the 2021-22 school year.


Oct 21,2020: October Staffing Formula

We have received the latest update to the Staffing Formula for October 2020. It is available in the Members section to view or download.

As you know, we are fortunate to have a Staffing Formula that defines the MINIMUM amount of caretaking time the District will allot to each school within our Collective Agreement. Nothing in our agreement precludes the employer from allotting additional caretaking time. It doesn’t seem sensible for anyone to risk the potential backlash (from various sources) in reducing caretaking & cleaning hours in the midst of a pandemic.

Regardless, we will need to wait & see how this update is implemented by the District.

Please review the document & forward any concerns or errors as directed in the Members section.