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Feb 13,2022: Local 520’s Response to Alberta Bill 32

Following a unanimous vote at the RMM of February 12, 2022 our proposed response to Alberta Bill 32 has been passed by the Membership & is as follows;

  • Local 520 has already eliminated all in-house non-core spending, as defined by the Government of Alberta.
  • Moving forward, all Affiliate Groups will be notified that they need to identify any non-core spending that does not directly benefit the Members of Local 520 & to back up any claims that all their spending is “core” with verified financial documentation.
  • In the event that Affiliate Groups are unable or unwilling to confirm their non-core spending as a percentage of income, Local 520 will completely disaffiliate with these groups until such time as the law is changed.
  • Any funds saved from reducing or eliminating affiliation fees will remain with Local 520 to be spent on core services that directly benefit the Membership of Local 520. The total funds saved per Member will be around $25 per year or less, depending on whether Affiliate Groups opt for partial or eliminated affiliation of Local 520.
  • We continue to pay our full affiliation fees to CUPE National, as full membership-in-good-standing in a parent union is a requirement of actually being a union local.

Local 520’s Executive feels this is a prudent & reasonable response that complies with the spirit of this particular piece of provincial legislation.


Oct 16,2020: CUPE Alberta’s challenge of Alberta Bill 32

CUPE Alberta is currently engaged in its Fightback on Bill 32 Campaign. See the Members section for the latest in information regarding CUPE’s efforts & initiatives.