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May 15,2023: District Vacation Requests

A reminder that all requests for 2023 vacations need to be input into the District’s HR Self Service by May 17. After that date, vacation requests are considered on a first-come first-served basis.




Mar 28,2022: “unbroken vacation period”

The following excerpt is from the 2022 vacation request memo: “Annual vacation must be taken in an unbroken period during the months of July and August, as per clause 16.5 of the Collective Agreement”

This is the actual clause from our CA: “16.5…Employees, except those in Group II of Appendix “B” to this Agreement, are entitled to an unbroken vacation period during the months of July and August…”

The District’s interpretation of “unbroken vacation period” is slightly different than we expected.

The expectation is that “unbroken” means “whole weeks”, particularly during the in-lieu weeks. For example, you couldn’t be off for a week & a half, come back to work on Wednesday, & expect to be off “in-lieu” on Friday as you haven’t worked the required extra hours on Monday & Tuesday.

There is no problem having more than one vacation period during the summer (for example 2 weeks at the beginning of July & 1 week in mid-August), as long as they are whole weeks.

We are told that there shouldn’t be any issue with single days (even during in-lieu weeks) if needed for one-off issues (eg “I’m going out of town for a wedding & I need Monday off”).

Anybody having any issues outside of these parameters should contact an L520 Executive Member & we’ll see what we can do.